We're rewarding you and your friends

Refer a Friend is here! Recommend OOHPod to your friends and you both get credit! Sign up, use our service and watch out for an email with your promo code. Send it over to your friend and once your friend uses it, you both get credit. It's that simple!

OOHPod Refer a Friend

How does it work?

Refer a Friend rewards members with a Promotional Credit worth £2.95/€3.50 when your friend signs up to any OOHPod plan.

Send the code you received via email to your friend. They get credit of £2.95/€3.50 and we will credit your account back with the same amount.

Scroll down for more details and small print.

In App Rewards - Coming Soon!

Want more? We've got more coming. We’re creating OOHPod rewards, where you will be able to treat yourself to some goodies, surprises and competition prizes all year round.  Watch this space! There’s loads more to come.

OOHPod Rewards Coming Soon

Refer a Friend ... the small print.

  • Refer a Friend rewards you (the OOHPod member) with a Promotional Credit worth £2.95/€3.50 when your friend signs up to any OOHPod plan.
  • Your friend will enter your referral Promo Code when they are signing up to OOHPod. Don't forget to give this to them!
  • They enter the code at sign up and receive coupon credit to the value of £2.95/€3.50.
  • This will be redeemed immediately for monthly subscriptions (Monthly and Premium plans) or at their first usage for Pay as You Go customers.
  • When the coupon has been used by your friend, we will credit your account with £2.95/€3.50 which you can use against upcoming subscription or usage costs.
  • Promotional Credits cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • OOHPod Members must have used the service to be eligible for offer.
  • If in doubt, get in touch with us at support@oohpod.com and we're happy to answer any questions.