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Seamless parcel solutions for your employees, residents and customers

Smart Parcel Lockers providing greener and cost effective solutions for merchants and businesses.
Our solutions are designed to reduce last mile inefficiencies and improve customer satisfaction.
OOHPod's network of lockers can be used in a range of situations such as office mail rooms, apartment complexes, student residences and retail locations.

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Smart Lockers for Apartments, Universities and Managed Properties.

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OOH Retail

Automated Click & Collect solution for your Store, Shopping Centre or Village.

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Integrate our Smart Lockers into your Business for your Employees.

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Residential Lockers

Package Management can be a time consuming drain for Apartment Managers. OOHPod lockers offer a complete hands off solution for Property Managers.

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Retail Lockers

With an OOHPod smart locker on your premises, you can offer a convenient service to your customers and local community. The perfect self-service solution that will bring new customers straight to your door.

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Corporate Lockers

Make sure employees receive their parcels quickly and securely. All while keeping the office clear of the parcels on desks and in common areas and taking the pressure off your mail room.

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Open Network

Parcels from all carriers can be delivered to centralised location

Security Screening

Parcels can be passed through security

Convenience & Safety

Parcels are easy to collect and safely stored

Greener Communities

Creating a healthier, greener and more efficient community

Our OOHPod Lockers

Our Lockers

Our lockers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. They are available in 17, 47 and 91 door models. Security cameras are inbuilt to ensure safety for pickup and drop off.

We've also got advertising screens, independent data connections and co-branding opportunities.

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Your smart logistics parcel locker solution, designed with convenience and security in mind

OOHPod's smart lockers are available to corporates, offices, managed properties, and retail units. Our lockers are a perfect fit for high streets, petrol stations, grocery stores, residential areas and private companies. Our solution is environmentally friendly and reduces the emissions created by last-mile delivery.

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