Our Top Tips for Christmas Shopping with OOHPod in 2023

Our COO Orla is here to guide you on how to save money, find those elusive items, and ease the stress of the holiday season.

1 Dec 2023 - 3 mins read


Meet the Online Shopping Expert
Meet Orla Sheils, the COO of OOHPod. With a decade of experience at the helm of Parcel Motel, and a self-proclaimed shopaholic who does 90% of her shopping online, Orla is the go-to expert for savvy online shopping advice.

Orla's Top 10 Christmas Shopping Tips
Get ready to tackle your Christmas shopping list with Orla's expert tips. She's here to guide you on how to save money, find those elusive items, and ease the stress of the holiday season. Let's dive into her top tips:

Shop Beyond Ireland for Better Deals

Expand your shopping horizons beyond Ireland. As an OOHPod subscriber, you can save an average of 30% on UK sites. For example, an item costing £100 on the UK Marks & Spencer site might be €140 on the Irish site. Use an OOHPod Northern Ireland address to access UK-exclusive brands like Debenhams and John Lewis, while avoiding customs fees.

Avoid Online Scams

Beware of deceptive social media ads. Use CheckMyLink Ireland to verify the legitimacy of websites before making purchases.

Secret Gift Deliveries

Prevent spoiled surprises by having your parcels delivered to an OOHPod locker. Collect your gifts at your convenience, away from curious eyes at home.

Watch the Currency Exchange Rates

When shopping from the UK, keep an eye on the exchange rates. Recent fluctuations in British Pounds can impact your purchasing power.

Include Your OOH ID® for Smooth Deliveries

Always use your OOH ID® in your shipping address to ensure your parcels are promptly identified and delivered without delays.

Consider Second-Hand Gifts for Sustainability

Explore eBay and Vinted for unique, second-hand gifts. Often, these items are like new and available at a fraction of the retail price.

Try Before You Buy at OOHPod’s Fitting Room

Use the fitting room at OOHPod in Jonesborough to try on clothes and decide on the spot, avoiding the hassle of returns.

Check Retailers' Return Policies

Familiarise yourself with return policies before purchasing. The OOHPod Store in Jonesborough can assist with returns for Collect+ and UPS Access Point partners.

Cost-Effective UK Shipping for Gifts

Send gifts to the UK affordably as an OOHPod subscriber. Enjoy reduced postage rates starting from £2.79.

Plan for Longer Transit Times During Holidays

Expect delays during November and December. Add extra days to the estimated delivery times and track your parcels using the provided tracking numbers.

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