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Here’s what you need to know about your OOHPod subscription and shopping with a virtual address.

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Shopping from Northern Ireland or Great Britain? Check out some useful links and do’s and don’ts.

What if …

I want to use the service more than often than my plan states?

If you want to use your OOHPod address for even more online orders, we’ve got you covered! Any additional parcels that arrive in for you will be applied to your account for just £2.00/€2.25 each. You can do this as many times as you like. You will be billed for extra usages at the end of your billing period. Take a look at our plans page for more details on pricing.

I want to change my plan type?

Great news. You can now do this from your OOHPod Account. All you need to do is log into your OOHPod account and click on My Account on the right hand side and then click Manage My Subscription. Then follow the below steps:

  1. Select your active subscription (e.g Premium or Pay as You Go)
  2. Choose 'Edit Subscription'
  3. Choose 'Change'
  4. Select your preferred plan from the list
  5. Choose 'Update Subscription'
  6. You should your new Subscription name on the screen. Select 'Done' to return to your dashboard
  7. Check your email. You will have received a confirmation email with details of your new plan

I can’t make it to collect my parcel within 48 hours?

If you can’t make it to collect your parcel within 48 hours, don’t worry, we will remove it and re-store it in your OOHPod locker for another 48 hours. This will count as another use. The same applies if your parcel is oversized. A good tip is that most carriers send a delivery notification the day prior to delivery which allows you to change the delivery day. If it’s a Monday for example, and you can’t get to your OOHPod location until Friday, when you receive the delivery notification from the carrier, change the delivery day to Thursday on the carrier’s delivery management app.

I forgot to add my OOH ID to my delivery address?

We use your OOH ID to identify to whom a parcel belongs to. A parcel with no OOH ID is a bit like an envelope going into the post box with no address. If you forget to add your OOH ID to your delivery address and it is before the order has shipped, please contact the seller and let them know, or better still, check if you can cancel the order and re-order with the correct address. If the order has already shipped, contact the carrier (the courier that will be delivering your parcel) and let them know. Most carriers send a delivery notification the day prior to delivery which allows you to change your delivery address, you could try adding the OOH ID at this stage. If we notice that a parcel is not addressed properly, we will return it to the carrier as unidentified.

I want to use a Northern Ireland locker?

  1. Sign up for your OOHPod subscription and receive your unique OOH ID.
  2. When shopping online, instead of your home address, enter your name (as it appears on your OOHPod account), your OOH ID, and the address of your chosen OOHPod location. For example, if you are using the OOHPod location in Jonesborough*, when it comes to entering your delivery details on the retailers website enter:
    Finegans Road

    BT35 8YY
  3. ALWAYS include your name as it appears on your OOHPod account. For example, if you sign up with your maiden name, use the same name in your delivery address. If the name on your parcel does not match the name on your account we cannot process your parcel.
  4. ALWAYS include your OOH ID in your address.  This is the unique ID you received when you started your OOHPod subscription.  It begins with “OOH” and follows with an 8-digit number.  You can leave out the “OOH” part but NEVER forget to include the 8 digits as this is how we know the parcel is for you.

* For all available lockers accepting parcels in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, please see our locations page.

I don’t know when my parcel will be ready?

Don’t worry. You will receive a text from OOHPod when your parcel is ready for collection. This applies for both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland lockers.

My parcel is “oversized”?

Oversized is any parcel that doesn’t fit into our largest locker compartment. If you’ve chosen OOHPod Jonesborough or OOHPod Forkhill as your collection point, we’ll hold onto your oversized items and they can be collected from our store for £5/€6 per item. You will receive an email to confirm this along with a PIN to collect your item.


Go big or go home! However, there is an upper limit on oversize parcels at 240 litres or about 0.25 cubic metres and 25KG in weight. What does that mean? Well, if your item fits in a domestic wheely bin we’ll accept delivery, if not, it’ll be returned to the shipper.


If you’ve chosen one of our Republic of Ireland lockers as your pickup point, your oversized items will be brought to your carrier’s designated area. They’ll get in touch and let you know where you can pick it up.

I want to cancel my monthly subscription?

It’s easy to cancel your subscription at any time. All you need to do is log into your OOHPod account and click on My Account on the right hand side and then click Manage My Subscription. Click on the arrow beside your current subscription and click on Cancel Subscription. This change will take effect from the date on which your current subscription expires. So for example, if you sign up for a monthly subscription on 01 Jan and can on  19 Jan, your subscription will remain in place until 19 Feb. 

I’m a Northern Ireland resident receiving goods from Great Britain?

Good news! If you’re a Northern Ireland resident, you can continue to receive goods from Great Britain with no new requirements.

I’m in Great Britain and sending goods to Northern Ireland residents and businesses?

More good news. You can continue to send goods in parcels to Northern Ireland residents and businesses in the same way you always did.

My parcel has to be signed for?

That’s no problem. Locations offering Oversize facilities have staff to sign for your parcel. We will sign for your delivery when it arrives and they will place your parcel into the locker for you to collect. If Oversize is not available, we cannot sign for your parcel. Take a look at our locations for more details.

My retailer site doesn’t recognise BT35 8YY as a valid postcode

Don't worry! It can take some time for new postcodes to be available on all sites. You can use use the nearby BT35 8JB postcode instead.